Beano event filmed!

I had no idea they were filming this! 75 years of the Beano event at the Edinburgh Book Festival. I'm on stage doodling, with the DCT dynamic due, Morris Heggie and Mike Stirling...that was fun!

Just for fun...

Digital Dandy work...sadly no more.

Scotland's favourites!

Colourful characters!

The Tattoo Fox, with colours by Fin Cramb.


Oor Wullie Shang-a-lang!

Oor Wullie and his bucket band!

Oor Wullie finds his bucket...10 style!

Jings! Crivvens! Help ma' Boab!

Huv a Broon Christmas!

With the cover pic by me, colours by Fin Cramb.

There’ll be a richt song an’ dance in Glebe Street on November 10th because that’s when oor brand new CD – ‘Christmas with the Broons’ – is oot! It’s twa CDs full o’ Christmas classics, wi’ a bonus track o’ Oor Wullie’s Bucket Band givin’ it laldy on Shang-a-Lang!
If that sounds like music tae your lugs, ye can pre-order the CD, along wi’ the grand gift book – ‘The Broons and Oor Wullie – Mair Music Please!’ – richt noo!

The fastest draw in the East!

 On stage with Thomas McCrorie Moore and Ariadne Galadriel Cass-Maran at Illicit Ink/Graphic Scotland event at the Edinburgh Book Festival. My bit with Thomas is 51.30 mins in. Ten drawings in ten minutes, and the craziest story you ever heard...but please watch the whole event, there's some great stuff here...what a fantastic night!

On stage with Mr Neil Gaiman in the Spiegle tent.

More on stage doodling at the festival...this time with comic legend, Neil Gaiman.

A very eventful Edinburgh Book Festival for the Tattoo Fox!


We did four Tattoo Fox events at the Edinburgh Book Festival. It was the second best selling children's book (beaten only by the mighty Gruffalo), and the seventh best selling book out of them all! Quite an achievement for a newbie! That's me on stage with Alasdair Hutton OBE (author), and Brigadier David Allfrey MBE (creator)...I'm the one with normal trousers!


I have two projects on my drawing board at the involves Oor Wullie, and the other involves The Broons!  How weird/awesome is that?!!!

JINGS! Oor Wullie has lost his bucket!

My first ever Oor Wullie project has begun...and you will not believe how it is all going to end!

WOW! Whatta lotta foxes!

Buy a a great charity!

Buy a copy of The Tattoo fox directly from the Tattoo shop, and generate funds for a great charity.

How the cover composition works...

Bit of a twist on The Tattoo Fox!


What a day!  From seeing the book in Waterstones window on the way to the launch, to the various trips to the exclusive authors' toilet-the poshest portaloo ever!  In the main pic, next to me is Brigadier David Allfrey MBE, producer of the Tattoo and creator of the fox, Alasdair Hutton OBE, narrator of the Tattoo for 22 years and author of the book, and Fin Cramb, colourist.

Work in progress...

Showing the pencil and ink stages of creating the illustrations for The Tattoo Fox!

The Tattoo Fox...uncovered!

Here is the cover image, with beautiful colours by Fin Cramb.  There's a little text added to this image, advertising the launch.

TATTOO FOX teasers!

Here's a selection of teaser images for The Tattoo Fox.

FREE PASS to Edinburgh Castle!



Amazing day at the castle.  Got a free pass to do some sketching for my latest project, THE TATTOO FOX!  Got into a few nooks and crannies not open to the public...and right up to the one o'clock gun!