Contact me!

Here are my contact details, I am available for hire!  Will consider working for food!

I made a movie!!!

I made a short, low (no) budget film, based on a story taken from my graphic novel, MILK+
Check it out!


Alright, so it's band artwork, not banned!  Let's face it though-it makes for a much better title!

Graphic design

Graphic design work produced for various local Edinburgh bands.  Gotta support the arts!

PLUM crazy!

Poster concepts for PLUM FILM's Stalked!  Are you game?


Cover ideas for Silver Skin graphic novel in progression.  It's about Werewloves, if you hadn't guessed!


My good friend Martyn made a short film, so I made him a cover for it.  Also, I'm in the movie-will post link  when it goes on Youtube!

Ma babies!

My children!  Winker Watson, who I drew for 5 years for the DANDY, and Raising Amy, who will be available in book form later this year!  (you can download 250 strips on Playstation comics and iPhone now!)


My two favourite cartoon strips of all time!  Winsor McCay's LITTLE NEMO, and Herge's TINTIN.
How I love them!

Detectives in Dreadlocks!

Meet Dreadlock Holmes...drawn for the DANDY-their first black character!


Two pages of cartoon art created in the styles of Herge and Dudley D Watkins.  These are two of my favourite artists of all time.

It's Menacing time!

It's a trip into Cartoonland now.  Dennis the Menace, from the BEANO and Joe's Garage, drawn for the DANDY.


The page on the left is taken from MILK+, the page on the right was done for the gallery of the (now) double SICBA award winning BURK and HARE graphic novel...well done Martin and Will!!!

There's something funny happening at the Zoo!

Two pages from MILK+
Poster from the gallery on the left, and on the right a page from A TALE FROM THE CITY-there's something funny happening at the zoo!

Zombies and Aliens!!!

Two more pages taken from MILK+
This books has it all...zombies, aliens, vampires, gangsters, werewolves and much more!  What are you waiting for?!!!  The artwork in the book appears entirely in B&W/greyscale.

MILK+ page samples

Two pages taken from, MILK+ showing the diversity of art used in the book.

Girls and guns!

Girls and guns...a concept I could never get enough of...I love you Lara Croft!


Promotional art created for my graphic novel.  If you print out the template on the left, you can construct your very own MILK+ carton!  You can join the Milk by Stref Facebook page here:

Dark cover art

These two pics are quite dark in tone...on your left, a blood sucking vampire...and on your right, a proposed cover for a graphic novel about human trafficking!

MILK+ cover art

This is the 'wrap-around' cover art for my graphic novel, MILK+   You can buy this book through paypal now!  For details how, just e-mail me ( subject marked: BUY MILK+ ) at:
Limited, signed, first edition!  Get yours!

Very Orange Illustrations!

The Tom Waits illustration was commissioned, but the Blade Runner is just a folio piece.  Still the best film ever made!


Going to add samples from my portfolio for you to peruse, hope you enjoy! You will see from these samples that I work in a wide variety of styles.  These 'pop-art' style of illustrations of famous figures from the 70's were commissioned by a local restaurant.