Pencils to Pixels!

Here's a breakdown of the stages a character drawing will go through, to reach completion...see the finished results at:

Herge's Adventures of Tintin!

Tintin is my personal favourite character of all time.  Here's a little pic I did as a dedication  to Georges Remi, creator of Tintin...better known as the legendary Herge.

The new Online Dandy motion it works:

I have been working away on two strips for the new Online Dandy motion's a new way of working, and it's really fun!  Here's a breakdown of how a panel is constructed, bearing in mind the new possibilities of time and motion.  See the finished results here:

Always keep an Online Dandy handy!

To celebrate the launch of the new Online Dandy, I will be adding some sample art from the two strips (Brassneck and Keyhole Kate) that I illustrate in the comic.
Brassneck is a robot with a mysterious past...and a fun filled future. 
Keyhole Kate is an ace reporter for her school newspaper...she has an eye for detail, a nose for a story, and a mystery to solve!
Follow both their adventures at the Online Dandy:


My good friend Stuart Beel has just published volume one of a comic book adaptation he is doing of MONKEY!  I did this little pic after reading it...great book!